Pamela Marrone - CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations

US, Marrone Bio Innovations

Pamela G. Marrone, PhD
CEO and Founder, Marrone Bio Innovations
1540 Drew Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

Dr. Marrone is currently CEO/Founder of Marrone Bio Innovations (MBI) (NASDAQ:MBII), a company she started in 2006 to discover and develop bio-based products for pest management and plant health. The company’s award winning biopesticides are used in fruit, nut, vegetable and row crop markets. MBI also is also marketing Zequanox® for invasive zebra and quagga mussels. MBI has several more products (bioherbicides and a biofumigant) in the pipeline. In October 2014, Dr. Marrone was awarded Agrow’s “Best Manager with Strategic Vision” for her career-long leadership in biopesticides. Dr. Marrone received the NRDC’s Growing Green Award in “Business Leader” category, to recognize new pioneers in sustainable farming and food. Dr. Marrone founded AgraQuest in 1995 and served as its CEO, Chairman and President until March 2006. Before AgraQuest, she was founding president and business unit head for Entotech, Inc. in Davis (CA), a biopesticide subsidiary of Denmark-based Novo Nordisk. At Monsanto, she led the Insect Biology group, which was seeking alternative ways to control insect pests. She is an alumni-elected trustee of Cornell University, Board member of the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research, Treasurer of the Association for Women in Science and is past-Treasurer of the Organic Farming Research Foundation. She is Founding Chair of the Bioproducts Industry Alliance (BPIA), a trade association of more than 100 ag biologicals and related companies. She has a B.S. in entomology with Honors and Distinction from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in entomology from North Carolina State University.