Fiona Chandler - Consultant

Canada, Consultant in agricultural research

Fiona Chandler is a freelance consultant who helps agricultural research and development organizations build partnerships, raise funds and communicate effectively.

Before becoming a consultant, Fiona spent over 15 years as a Director and Senior Manager of Communication, Donors Relations and Partnership working in national and international agricultural centers in Canada, Kenya, Indonesia, Italy, Australia, Malaysia and Dubai. After a successful career helping Centers and their partners, Fiona now works with them to build and maintain partnerships and alliances, manage partnership projects, and create strategic communication processes.  Working with young agricultural entrepreneurs is one of Fiona’s greatest passions.

Fiona graduated from with a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of New England and a Masters in Environmental Management and Development from the Australian National University. In 2012 Fiona was awarded Alumnus of the Year from the School of Environment, Science and Engineering at Southern Cross University.  Fiona is a member of the British Columbian Council of International Cooperation.

Fiona currently lives on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada where she is only a skype call away from her colleagues and clients around the world.