Belchim Crop Protection, a Belgian player in the European crop protection market. From its origin in Belgium in 1987 to its position as a major European player in the crop protection industry today, Belchim Crop Protection has shown remarkable growth in those 31 years. As a company and an innovative product supplier, it has adapted well to the changes in the industry and the changing regulatory environment.

Late Managing Director Dirk Putteman founded his own crop protection business, Belchim, in 1987. By the late 1990s, he sought and found a strategic partnership with ISK Biosciences, an established and international research and development company. This alliance allowed not only a more specialized product portfolio, but also further expansion into Europe. Alongside an innovative product portfolio, credibility and reputation are strong assets of Belchim Crop Protection; and above all, the ability to market a product from a strong introduction to a good market coverage in a short time.

Belchim Crop Protection, managed by its new CEO Johan De Saegher, carries a broad range of state- of-the-art crop protection products but also products for home and garden and amenity use. The recent acquisition of the biological herbicide ‘Katoun Gold’, a good example of sustainable use in a circular economy concept. The product is derived from the cultivation of Cardoon thistle (grows where it is impossible for crops to grow) and its use as an environmentally friendly solution for weed management in public spaces.

In Londerzeel, near to their head office, also their trial platform for the central European zone is located. In laboratory, greenhouses and on the field they are developing and demonstrating their crop protection portfolio.
Under the guidance of their technicians, you will have the possibility to visit the greenhouses and the fields where they grow 30 different crops like potatoes, cereals, maize, sugar beet, different sorts of vegetables, ornamentals, grapes, fruits, ….
On these crops chemical and biological crop protection products are tested. By this visit you will get the insight into how such trials are conducted.

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Did you know that Mechelen played an important political and economic role in the Burgundian period? Many historical buildings bear witness to this. Hold on, because the list is long: Saint Rumbold's Cathedral, the former palaces of Margaret of Austria and Margaret of York, the Palace of the Great Council, ... So don't hesitate and follow the guide through 16th-century Mechelen.