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Bayer ForwardFarming: Sustainable agriculture in practice
The Bayer ForwardFarming concept was established in Belgium to demonstrate Bayer's solutions for a more sustainable agriculture. Selected farms such as Bayer ForwardFarm Hof ​​ten Bosch in Huldenberg are knowledge platforms that offer the possibility to share expertise and achievements with all stakeholders in the value chain of agriculture - farmers, agronomists, the food chain, academics, politicians, government officials, consumers, etc. Bayer ForwardFarming aims to increase the exchange of agricultural know-how, highlight improvements in sustainable agriculture, and facilitate communication between farmers and stakeholders


• Bayer ForwardFarming Chair with UGent concentrating on digital agriculture and biodiversity.
• Demonstration of greening measures.
• Providing more food and shelter for bees thanks to bee “hotels” in a bee-friendly environment.
• Targeted crop protection in different crops based on decision support tools and Varirable Rate Application technologie
• Demonstration of erosion-limiting measures in potatoes.
• Research into the added value of pollinators and other beneficial insects in fruit growing by integrating different techniques.
• High-tech pest monitoring and control in the fruit orchard.

Why is the Bayer ForwardFarm important?

Farmers in Belgium, Europe and around the world are faced with complex challenges - they need to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable way, to adapt agricultural activities to changing weather conditions, to manage soil fertility and water quality in an optimal way, to boost biodiversity, to  maintain their agricultural land in good condition and meet the growing demands of the food chain and the consumer. At Bayer we are convinced that a holistic approach that integrates different solutions combined with the continuous sharing of knowledge between all stakeholders in the value chain is the best way to meet these challenges.
In line with Bayer's "Science For A Better Life" mission, Bayer CropScience is committed to provide innovative solutions that support a sustainable agriculture. In practice, this means that we develop customer-oriented solutions to protect the crop, increase crop yields, guarantee the best quality and protect the health of people and the environment. These innovations help farmers to combine their economic success with a responsibility towards the environment and society.

If you want to know more about their activities, Bayer welcomes you at their ForwardFarm:






- Global challenges for a sustainable food production

- Sustainability in practice


Visit tour of the farm


- Adapted filling and rinsing place

- Avoiding erosion

- Spray technology



- Stimulating beneficial insects

- Collaboration with beekeepers and introduction of solitary bees

- Biodiversity measures in practice



- Use or GPS technology and section control

- Soil and Crop scanning

- Variable rate application in spraying, fertilizers and planting





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