Field excursions

Bayer Crop Science

Bayer’s Crop Science division is the third largest innovative agricultural input company in the world. We help make the agricultural economy more productive thus contributing to society by helping to ensure an ample supply of high-quality food, feed, fiber and renewable raw materials.


Belchim, founded in Belgium in 1987 by Mr Dirk Putteman founder – CEO Johan De Saegher, became Belchim Benelux after expansion to the Netherlands and now trades under the name of Belchim Crop Protection. Year after year, the company has been directing its primary focus towards specialised products and expanding its activities into France, The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy and into the Nordic and Baltic regions.

It did not take Belchim long to realise the necessity of conducting trials.  As the Company grew so did the importance of a permanent trial station.  In 2006, the Belchim Trial Station was founded.


Inagro is a research and knowledge center in agriculture and horticulture in the heart of the province of West Flanders in Belgium. With innovation and sustainability in mind, Inagro represents:

  • more than 60 years of experience in agricultural research and farmer advice, 205 specialized staff members, 170 demonstration and information activities, 410 field trials and over 60,000 laboratory analyses per annu

KU Leuven

Biosystems @ KU Leuven, Biotechnics, sensors and mechatronics for plant health and quality in production and the supply chain.
KU Leuven is a university with international appeal, ranking among the best 50 universities worldwide with a strong focus on innovation. At the department of Biosystems, different groups of the divisions of Crop Biotechnics and Mechantronics and Sensors perform R&D towards sustainable solutions for producing and supplying healthy agrofood to the consumer.

pcfruit npo

Pcfruit is located in the heart of the fruit growing area of Belgium and covers applied scientific research, demonstration activities to growers, co-development programs with various kinds of industries and advisory services for fruit growers. All these activities are centralized at one location of 62 hectares with suitable infrastructure such as labs, greenhouses, storage facilities, plastic tunnels, shelters, warehouses and orchards.

PCS Ornamental Plant Research

PCS Ornamental Plant Research confirmed us for a field excursion on their site in Destelbergen. PCS is the tree nursery, floriculture & landscaping sector’s independent knowledge centre in Flanders. Our research, information and services focus on issues and problems in the tree nursery, floriculture and landscaping industry and are aimed at encouraging innovation among growers and landscapers.


Founded in 1977, PCG has been one of Flanders's fastest growing centres for applied research and extension services in vegetable production. PCG, an institution financed by the Flemish government and private institutions, carries out applied research on vegetables (field trials as well as sensory analysis) and provides growers with advice and a wide range of services of their interest, in accordance with economic and social developments. PCG's mission is to collect and disperse science-based information, and to perform consulting all with the objective to support the Flemish agro-industry. Through its Board of Directors and various Technical Committees, PCG is linked directly to the vegetable growers.


The Research Station for Vegetable Production has more than 50 years of experience in applied research on the cultivation of greenhouse and field vegetables. PSKW creates a link between the fundamental scientific research done by universities and the growers. The experience in field and semi-field trials and dissemination activities, combined with the close contact with growers guarantees innovation: the implementation of (best) practices and new technologies at the farms.