Inagro welcomes IUPAC participants for the field excursion

Inagro is a research and knowledge center in agriculture and horticulture in the heart of the province of West Flanders in Belgium. Inagro represents more than 60 years of experience in agricultural research and farmer advice, 205 specialized staff members, 170 demonstration and information activities, 410 field trials and over 60.000 laboratory analyses per annum.

It also well-known for its expertise in arable farming, vegetables, greenhouse crops, Belgian endives, edible mushrooms, aquaculture, organic farming, etc. Furthermore, Inagro organises studies with innovation and sustainability in mind such as plant protection trials, variety trials, agrotechnical trials and fertilizer trials.

In the domain of plant protection, Inagro performs GEP-trials for registration purposes of new products commissioned by companies and is partner in many national and international research projects. Subjects of investigation related to crop protection are epidemiology of new diseases and pests, development of decision support systems and control strategies for pests and diseases, validation of biopesticides, functional agrobiodiversity new application technologies and sustainable use of plant protection products.

Supported by the provincial government, Inagro has an extended program of research, demonstration and advisory services within the open knowledge system, which enables Inagro to play an important role in the local AKIS-system.

If you want to discover more about what we’re doing, we recommend you to visit Inagro. A guide will lead you through our infrastructures and will show you inter alia our crop protection research.

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