Cookie policy

Last updated: 1 May 2018

MediCongress Services nv uses cookies on the IUPAC 2019 website.

A cookie is a small text file saved to your hard drive when visiting our website. The functionality of a cookie is to individualize visitors of our website. A cookie is designed to be a one-way system and is used to save information. When re-visiting our website, this information is used to tailor your experience.

Information stored in cookies is never linked to your name, email or other personal details. As far as personal detail collection, these are stored according to our privacy statement and Global Data Protection Regulation compliant.

What cookies do our websites store?


Tracking-cookies, also known as marketing cookie. These cookies measure the surfing behavior on our website.

Tracking cookie also fall under the Third-Party Cookies section.

The tracking cookies are mostly placed by external parties.

Analytic cookies

Analytical cookies are used on the MediCongress website to retain anonymous information about the usage of the website. We use this information to improve the functionality of the website.

Web statistics cookies

MediCongress measures the website traffic using Google Analytics. Only CREATE has access to the collected data. An example of collected data can be consulted via the Google Analytics website.

Linking to external parties: (e.g. Social Media)

This website contains links to third party websites (e.g.: networking services as there are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). The moment a visitor leaves the MediCongress website, the respective third party is responsible for their cookie contents.

Cookie cancellation

By using the MediCongress website, your silent consent is given to store cookies on your device. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but a visitor has the possibility to disable them at any given time. Using the browser settings, cookie access can be blocked for the MediCongress website. A consequence can possibly be that some website elements cannot be fully shown.


The cookie declaration of MediCongress can be changed. The revision information will be contained in the revised document. MediCongress advises to frequently consult the cookie consent to guarantee being up to date on any changes.


If you have questions concerning our privacy policy, feel free to send an email to