TOPIC 8: Ecosystem and Ecological Risk Assessment

This theme will focus on the effects of pesticides on non-target organisms such as aquatic, soil and terrestrial organisms as well as pollinators, wildlife and micro-organisms. Abstracts describing new methodologies as well as overview of environmental effects and risk assessment for these organisms will be considered. The theme also welcomes abstracts on the effects of pesticides at higher integration levels, for instance ecosystems and their services. Approaches to use ecosystem services as a protection goal are currently under development and supported by both in Europe (EFSA) and the USA (EPA). Higher tier tools like semi-field experiments using microcosm and mesocosms and ecological models are increasingly used to assess the ecological risks of pesticides at higher levels of biological integration, i.e. the population, community and ecosystem level. When studying pesticide stress at the landscape level, assessing multiple stressors such as drought, salinization and nutrients is an essential theme.
These studies could include post registration monitoring studies evaluating the environmental effects of pesticide on specific organism groups.


Ecosystem, non-target organisms, models, ecotox and ecological risk assessment.

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International Lead:
Prof. Dr. Ir. Paul van den Brink, Department of Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen, The Netherlands, +31 3 17 48 16 15,

Regional Lead:
Prof. Dr. Ir. Karel De Schamphelaere, Department of Animal Sciences and Aquatic Ecology, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium, +32 9 264 37 64,



Effects of pesticides on ecosystem services


Effects of pesticides on non-target organisms in water and soil


Ecological risk assessment for pollinators


Effects of pesticides on micro-organisms


Model ecosystems and ecosystem models


Wildlife effects and risk assessment


Multiple stressors in ecological risk assessment


Monitoring effects of pesticides in the field