TOPIC 4: Formulation and Application Technologies

Over the last decades the need for an adequate food production have become steadily more apparent, while at the same time the community requires a reduction in the environmental impact and food residues of agro-chemicals. Consequently, application techniques and formulations need to be developed that assure a lower exposure of workers, bystanders and the environment and guarantee a higher biological performance. Future developments in this area is triggered by innovations in sensing and application technologies. In the pursuit of developing sustainable food production systems, technology advances in big data, precision farming, digital agriculture or agruculture 4.0 are inevitabel. The real potential of thes enabling technologies will depend on the availability of tailor-made formulation options. Topic 4 targets current trends and advancements in technologies in both the formulation and applications of agrochemicals in crop protection. We invite scientific contributions from academia and industry offering advanced technical solutions through sensing, modelling and control of agrochemicals, with a special focus on their interaction with optimized formulations.

Key words

Spraying technologies, site specific spraying, disease detection & recognition and spraying control.

For further information, please contact the organizers

International Lead:
Ronald Vermeer, Bayer AG, Germany, +49 21 73 38 23 52,

Regional Lead:
Abdul M. Mouazen, Ghent University, Belgium, +32 9 264 60 37,



Novel Delivery Mechanisms and New Additives and Tank Mix Adjuvants i.e. nanotechnology, controlled or triggered release, development of complex multi-active products, new methods for improving spray retention on the target and uptake of active ingredients


Role, Testing and Modelling of Additives and Tank Mix Adjuvants during and after Spray Application i.e. mitigation of unintended environmental impacts, control of spray drift through management of formulation physical properties and application technologies


Innovative and Green Formulation Technologies


Seed Treatment and other Means of Non-Spray Delivery


Approaches for Reducing Offsite Drift


‘Standards’ Present and Future i.e. the 16119/16122 series, drift standards, CTS, knapsack sprayers and mistblowers, aerial/UAVs, technology approaches to meet the customer and regulatory needs of emerging economies


Advances in Application and Delivery System Technology i.e. new developments in application equipment, nozzle design and performance


Precision Application i.e. real time monitoring of spray applications, GPS based spray control, variable rate application, sensor development


‘Agriculture 4.0/Big Data Management’ i.e. agricultural electronics, digital farming, data sharing, optimized planting, monitoring and precision application