TOPIC 2: ISCP - Novel Agricultural Technologies

This theme will cover a broad array of emerging technologies for pest management. It will include genetic manipulation of crops to be resistant to pests and herbicides. Only papers using modern methods of genetic modification (e.g. transgenes, gene editing) will be considered. Genetic modification of pests and biocontrol organisms will also be covered. Microbial pesticides and biocontrol agents fall under this theme, as does the use of RNAi (both transgenic and a sprayable) for pest management. Papers on natural product and natural compound based pest management are welcome, as are any other pest management papers that use novel chemical or biological technologies. Abstracts about weed sensing technologies and sensor-based precision weed control are also welcome in this topic.
This theme should be of interest to a broad array of scientists, including molecular biologists, biocontrol and biostimulant experts, nanotechnologists, and those working with natural products and compounds for pest management. This theme will bring these scientists up to date in their field of interest and should provoke new ideas.

Key words

Molecular biology, biocontrol, RNAi, transgene, gene editing, nanotechnology, microbial pesticide, natural pesticide, biostimulants, detection/sensing techniques

For further information, contact the organizers

Stephen Duke, USDA, ARS, Oxford, MS, USA, +1 662 915 1036,
Guy Smagghe, Ghent University, Department of Plants and Crops, Ghent, Belgium,
Maaike Perneel – Ghent University, Department of Plants and Crops, Ghent, Belgium,
Bjorn Vandekerkhove (ISCP) – Ghent University, Department of Plants and Crops, Ghent, Belgium,



RNAi for pest management


Nanotechnology for pesticides


Microbial pesticides (bacteria, fungi, yeasts) ISCP


Biocontrol agents (natural ennemies) ISCP


Biostimulants ISCP


Detection and detection methods for weeds, pests and diseases ISCP


Natural product-based pest management


Technologies based on insect behavior modifying substances ISCP


Genetic manipulation of crops for pest and herbicide resistance


Genetic manipulation of pests for pest management