TOPIC 6: Food Quality and Safety

Ensuring the integrity of the food supply chain is the utmost importance in relation to food security, safety and quality, consumer protection and international trade. Not only control measures but also preventative actions to ensure the implementation of the best practices throughout the entire food production and supply chain are essential as to maintain and assure food quality and safety. The need for analytical methods to monitor and verify food safety and quality is evidenced by the growing list of food product recalls due to multiple chemical residues and contaminants. Pressure of food fraud, introduction of new technologies with potential food safety implications and environmental factors, further highlight the importance of the need for continued refinement, development and innovation to improve food control measures. Effective approaches are necessary to help assess and manage risks and protect the consumer. These include modern analytical techniques to detect and control contaminants, new approaches to sampling and monitoring, performant food safety management systems to be implemented in the agro-food chain, evidence based risk assessment programmes, international guidelines/standards/regulations for consumer protection and international trade, harmonization of MRLs, continued research and innovation to facilitate ongoing improvements in control strategies and the implementation of effective and efficient 'farm-to-fork' safety and quality assurance systems. This IUPAC topic will focus on food safety and quality, considering protection of the integrity of the food supply chain as a holistic process, from farm to fork. In particular, it will bring together experts in the field to present contemporary and novel accomplishments, identify gaps and discuss future perspectives and opportunities; provide a forum for interdisciplinary networking between professionals from different backgrounds, including industry, national institutes, academia, and public and private bodies; facilitate a broad understanding of the subtopics involved; and provide a forum for discussion on different aspects of the food chain.

Key words

Analytical methods, analytical quality control, food safety, sampling, monitoring, risk assessment and food safety management.

For further information, please contact the organizers

International Leads:
Britt Maestroni, Joint FAO/IAEA Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization, Austria, +43 12 60 02 83 98,

Regional Leads:
José Diana Di Mavungu, Ghent University, Laboratory of Food Analysis, Ghent, Belgium, +32 9 264 81 17,
Liesbeth Jacxsens, Ghent University, Department of Food Technology, Safety and Health, Ghent, Belgium,



International trends in food production, food trade, food fraud, food authenticity and novel foods


New approaches to sampling and monitoring


Modern analytical techniques to detect and control residues in food and feed


MRL and International guidelines/standards/regulations for consumer protection


Advances in dietary risk assessment and decision making