TOPIC 1: Emerging Issues and Challenges

Agricultural and crop protection is a continually changing and developing field of science and regulation. In this session, we will consider the issues and questions that will challenge researchers and development companies as we try to move into the next generation of crop protection giving both sustainable food supply and a clean environment. Our discussion topics are diverse ranging from educating the next generation of researchers, risk assessors and regulatory scientists to securing both the food chain and for water. On more regulatory focussed topics, we consider the challenges and benefits of harmonisation and globalisation of risk assessment but also how we deal with the demands for alternatives to animal testing whilst working to replace the previously decades-old animal models on which most of our regulatory system is based.


Education, sustainable agriculture, food security, alternatives to animal testing, global risk assessment

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Crop Protection science: Education of the Future Generation


Contributions to Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (including farm/trade topics)


Sustainable use and water protection including drinking water


Alternatives to animal testing and their regulatory acceptance


Globalisation of risk assessment