Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission extended until 15 December 2018

Abstracts dealing with the following topics can be submitted (max 3 abstracts per submitter):



Emerging Issues and Challenges


ISCP - Novel Agricultural Technologies


Discovery and Optimization of Crop Protection Products


Formulation and Application Technologies


Non-dietary human health hazard, exposure and risk


Food Quality and Safety


Environmental Fate, Transport and Metabolism


Ecosystem and Ecological Risk Assessment


Mode of Action and Resistance


Stewardship, Regulation and Communication

Please click on one of the topics above to have more information on the topic and its subtopics.

Submission deadline: 15 December 2018


Note on Confidentiality:

Abstracts are considered to be proprietary communications and will be treated confidentially by the Programme Committee Members and the Reviewers. The Programme Committee reserves the sole right to accept or reject any abstract for any reason. The acceptance of the abstract for presentation is an agreement between IUPAC 2019 and the submitting author.
For abstracts that are accepted, submitters agree to attend the Congress and present their abstract as scheduled.

Instructions for Authors:

  • Abstracts (max 3 per submitter) must be written in English not exceeding 350 words and must be submitted online as a Word file (xxx.doc or xxx.docx);
  • Put a blank line after the title;
  • The presenting author must be underlined, type initials first followed by the family names (P.P. Rubens, J. Van Eyck, P. Brueghel, etc..). Put the authors in italics;
  • Type affiliation underneath the authors: Institution/University, Dept., City, Country. Put affiliation(s) in italics;
  • Add the email of the presenting author in italics and underlined underneath the affiliation;
  • Put a blank line after the email of the presenting author;
  • Use font Arial, 10 characters per inch (font size 10);
  • Use single line spacing;
  • Put a blank line after each new paragraph;
  • Do not indent the first line of each new paragraph.

Abstract template available here

Submission Instructions:

Abstracts must be submitted as a Word file via the online submission form (see link below).

  • Click on the link below to start
  • Fill out your personal data and go through the submission procedure

You can submit several abstracts (max 3) at the same time and/or add abstracts later on. It is also possible to provisionally upload an abstract, revise it and finalize the submission at a later stage. Do bear in mind to finalise your submission before the deadline.

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You can re-enter your personal submission page any time and follow up on the status of your submissions.

When accessing the online platform for the first time, you will be asked to register as a new user:

When uploading your abstract(s) you can either:

  • ‘Save and Continue Later’: in this case you can revise your abstract at a later stage (access with your login details)
  • ‘Save and Submit’: in this case your abstract submission is final and your abstract can no longer be revised.
  • You can submit several abstracts (max 3) at the same time, but you can also upload several abstracts at a different point in time.

Your abstract(s) is/are only uploaded successfully when you receive an automatic reply confirming your submission(s).

Important: the uploaded Word file(s) must contain: Title, authors & affiliations and the actual abstract.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is extended until 15 December 2018.

Important Notes:

When submitting an abstract, submitting authors should bear in mind:

  • that presenters are NOT exempted from paying the registration fee
  • that a notification email will be sent by mid February 2019
  • that the presenting author must register online by 15 March 2019